Welcome to the brand new TheFutonCritic.com! We hope you enjoy our new look and feel and invite you to check out some of our exciting new features.

As you can undoubtedly tell, the site has received a major graphical overhaul to help visitors find exactly what they need with the fewest clicks possible.

Not to worry though - everything from the "old" site is still intact.

In addition, we're proud to present MYFUTON - a new service which allows you to track all your favorite shows as well as receive e-mail alerts every time related stories or listings are added or changed.

With that in mind here's a breakdown of what you can find in each section:

· BREAKING NEWS (new umbrella for the NEWSWIRE and PR sections)

Never miss a news story, press release or "Development Update" again! All stories are now filed under the BREAKING NEWS section, complete with an easy-to-use calendar, so you'll know exactly what happened in the world of TV each day. In addition, each story will also feature links to the SHOWATCH, DEVWATCH and MOVIEWATCH pages for all the projects mentioned.

· SHOWS A-Z (new umbrella for the SHOWATCH, DEVWATCH and MOVIEWATCH sections)

Our signature service returns - find out what's on the air, what's in the works and just about anything else you can think of about primetime television. Cast and crew information, links to all the related content on the site for each show - it's all here.


What's TV without DVD nowadays? Find complete release schedules for the past, present and future.

· LISTINGS (new home to the CALENDAR and LISTINGS sections)

We've revamped our most popular feature to accommodate even the most obsessive TV fan. What's new tonight? What premieres are coming up? Even what's in repeats. Now with an easy-to-use calendar to find out what's on today, yesterday or even a year from now.


All the Futon's rants, ramblings and reviews can be found here. Look for lots of exciting new content in the coming weeks.

· GUIDE (new home to the CHARTS section)

Our CHARTS section gets the brush up to be your one-stop guide to everything on TV this fall.


The savior and the destroyer of all things television. Catch your daily numbers fix each day.


As mentioned above, this new - completely free - service will allow you to customize all the site's content to make sure your favorite shows are front and center. Once you've registered, simply start adding shows to your MYFUTON page using the "ADD TO MY FUTON" buttons found on every SHOWATCH, DEVWATCH and MOVIEWATCH page. From there you can ask that the site e-mail you each time a related news story, listing, review, etc. is added or just browse each section with your favorite shows placed front and center.

So stop reading this and starting clicking around! But if you have some time, give us a shout with any and all comments.

- The Futon Critic Staff