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date (day) time network episode title
10/29/21 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYFountain of Ruth
10/22/21 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYAdventures in Alien House-Sitting
10/15/21 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYZeke to the Future
10/8/21 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYBeware the Fright Master!
9/17/21 (Fr.)9:12 PMDISNEYDinas and Dougs
9/17/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEYWelcome To The Club
8/6/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V310) GOAT of the Month
8/6/21 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V309) The Bubble
7/30/21 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V308) A Song of Gabby & Susie
7/16/21 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V307) Dude, Where's My House?
7/9/21 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V306) The Mile
7/2/21 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V305) Mimi From Miami
6/25/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V304) Ratita and the Ultras
6/18/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V303) The Vibe
6/11/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V302) Gabby's Big Break
6/4/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V301) Mom Wipe
3/20/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V209-60) Enter the Dranis
3/13/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V208) Warm, Thick, and Saucy
3/6/20 (Fr.)8:25 PMDISNEY(#V207) Tailoring Swift
2/28/20 (Fr.)8:25 PMDISNEY(#V206) Vortex & Night Train
2/21/20 (Fr.)8:25 PMDISNEY(#V205) Fake News
2/7/20 (Fr.)8:25 PMDISNEY(#V204) Who Is Joey Panther
1/31/20 (Fr.)8:28 PMDISNEY(#V203) Gabby Duran: Genius
1/24/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V202) The Note
1/17/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V201) Wesley Jr.
1/10/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#V110) Sky's First Youth Overnight Sleeping Event
12/13/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V109) The Party King and Timbuk, Too
12/6/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V108) It's Christmas, Gabby Duran!
11/29/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V107) The Darkness
11/22/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V106) Dia de la Dina
11/15/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V105) Olivia Gone Wild
11/1/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V104) Crushin' It
10/25/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V103) Crybaby Duran
10/18/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V102) Wesley and the Fischman
10/11/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V101) So Your Gor-monite Child is Going to Explode

10/11/19 - ???
currently airing (fall 2021)
fridays from 8:50 PM-9:20 PM EST
2 (??? episodes)
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(from Disney Channel's press release, April 2021) Disney Channel's out-of-this-world live-action comedy series "Gabby Duran & the Unsittables" will return for a second season on FRIDAY, JUNE 4 (8:50 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. The series stars multitalented actress and musician Kylie Cantrall as Gabby Duran, a teenaged girl who inadvertently lands a job babysitting an unruly group of VIP extraterrestrial children disguised as everyday kids. In season two, a resourceful and courageous Gabby faces even bigger challenges as she continues to protect her alien charges while also navigating the everyday emotional rollercoaster of middle school. The season picks up immediately after a cliffhanger with Gabby's mom, Dina, on the verge of learning Gabby's secret, which the intrepid teen will have to stop in order to avoid catastrophic outcomes. Other adventures this season will include a robot replica Gabby-bot running amok, an alien friend who turns into a "Predator" when she becomes emotional, and a quest to recover Principal Swift's home after it's shrunken down to the size of a dollhouse by an extraterrestrial prankster.
· Callan Farris as Jeremy
· Coco Christo as Olivia
· Kylie Cantrall as Gabby Duran
· Maxwell Acee Donovan as Wesley
· Nathan Lovejoy as Principal Swift
· Valery Ortiz as Dina
· Daryle Conners as BOOK
· Elise Allen as BOOK
· Gabe Snyder as CRTR/EP
· Joe Nussbaum as EP
· Mike Alber as CRTR/EP
· Nzingha Stewart as DIR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· Gabby Productions
· Omnifilm Entertainment