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date (day) time network episode title
3/21/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#910) Big Bite, Pig Attitude!
3/21/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDCurious Case of the Chicken (R)
3/14/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#909) Your Royal Sinus
3/14/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDMonkey Chow Down (R)
3/7/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#908) Sick as a Prairie Dog
3/7/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDBunny on a Plane (R)
2/28/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#907) Sugar Glider Honey Bunch
2/28/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDOh My Goat (R)
2/21/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#906) Band of Bunnies
2/21/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDDon't Go Breaking My Fox (R)
2/14/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#905) This Little Piggie Goes Berserk!
2/14/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDPet Therapy (R)
1/31/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#904) Can't Bite Me Love
1/31/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDTale of a Tail (R)
1/24/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#903) Mini Mouse
1/24/21 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDHogs & Kisses (R)
1/17/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#902) Oui, Oui... Piggie!
1/10/21 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#901) I Wallaby Your Baby!
5/31/20 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#901) I Wallaby Your Baby!
11/3/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#810) Deja Poo
10/27/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#809) My Pet Squirrel
10/20/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#808) Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
10/13/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#807) Goodbye Par-T
10/6/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#806) A Mite-y Big Problem
9/29/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#805) Snake Me Home Tonight
9/22/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#804) No Harm, No Foul
9/15/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#803) Monkey Do, Monkey Don't
9/8/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#802) Some Bunny to Love
9/2/19 (Mo.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#801) Pain in the Cheek
5/19/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#713) Itsy Bitsy Pets
5/12/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#712) Kinkajou on This!
5/5/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#711) This Little Piggy...
4/28/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#710) Easter Bunny Surprise
4/21/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#709) Eye Caramba!
4/14/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#708) Thinking Outside the Fox
4/7/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#707) Toothless and Ruthless
3/31/19 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#706) Skateboarding Tortoise
3/24/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#705) Cocka-tude!
3/17/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#704) Swan Voyage
3/10/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#703) What the Duck?
3/3/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#702) Stinkin' Cute
2/24/19 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#701) Monkey See, Monkey Boo-Boo
11/25/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#612) It's a Bunnyful Life
11/18/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#611) To the Rescue!
11/11/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#610) Cheeky Bunny
11/4/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#609) How Venus Got Her Groove Back
10/28/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#608) Eggs-treme Measures
10/21/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#607) Bunny Royale
10/14/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#606) Silly Rabbit…
10/7/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#605) Rat-Boot-Touille
9/30/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#604) A Prickly Problem
9/23/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#603) Mighty Mouse
9/16/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#602) All's Quail That Ends Well
9/16/18 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDMission: Pawssible
9/9/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#601) Hide n' Snake
9/9/18 (Su.)8:00 PMNAT GEO WILDBabies R Us
5/27/18 (Su.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#512) It's Dr. T Time!
5/27/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#511) Unlikely Animal Friends
5/20/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#510) Call of Doodie!
5/13/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#509) Ferret Freak Out!
5/6/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#508) A Perfect Storm
4/29/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#507) My Ferret Ate What?
4/22/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#506) Great Eggspectations
4/15/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#505) Pig Improvement
4/8/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#504) A Magic Rabbit Act
4/1/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#503) Cock-A-Doodle-Don't
3/25/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#502) Sushi Eating Squirrel Monkey
3/18/18 (Su.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#501) Two Heads Are Better Than One
6/24/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#410) Frenemy Freak Outs!
6/17/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#409) Jelly Bellies
6/10/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#408) Prairie Dog Companion
6/3/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#407) Pain in the Beak
5/27/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#406) Hubble Trouble
5/20/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#405) Return of the Dragon
5/13/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#404) Gettin' Squirrely
5/6/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#403) Eye-Eye-Ay!
4/29/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#402) One Funky Monkey
4/22/17 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#401) Baby Kangaroo Alert!
7/9/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#308) Lizard of Oz
7/2/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#307) Gator-aid
6/25/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#306) Serious Monkey Business
6/18/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#305) Snake, Rattle & Roll
6/11/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#304) Operations Skunk
6/4/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#303) The Tortoise and the Dog
5/28/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#302) Wibbly Wobbly Hedgehog
5/21/16 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#301) Sumo Dragon
11/21/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#208) Major Hissing Fit
11/14/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#207) H2O No!
11/7/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#206) Let Me Clear My Goat
10/31/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#205) One Fat Parakeet
10/24/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#204) Sticky Pixie and Trixie Too!
10/17/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#203) Turtle-Necked
10/10/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#202) Chinchillin' Like a Villain
10/3/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#201) Sir Lynx-a-Lot
11/8/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#106) Kink-achoo!
11/1/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#105) Pot-Bellied Pig Out
10/25/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#104) Leave it to Lemur
10/18/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#103) Into the Fox Hole
10/11/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#102) A Bad Case of Rotten Eggs
10/4/14 (Sa.)10:00 PMNAT GEO WILD(#101) Bunny Nose Job

10/4/14 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
9 (10 episodes)
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completed airing its ninth season on 3/21/21; has yet to be renewed for a 10th season
(from Nat Geo WILD's press release, January 2020) The cases are as wild and unexpected as are the animals that come through the doors. Dr. Susan Kelleher 'Dr. K' owns and operates one of the busiest exotic animal care practices in South Florida. Along with her skilled and dedicated staff, she treats a dynamic array of patients ranging from goats to monkeys, birds, rabbits, pigs, fish and every imaginable animal in between. "Everything but dogs and cats. If it will fit through the door, I'll treat it," is Dr. K's motto!
· Susan Kelleher
· Ashley Hoppin as EP (Nat Geo WILD)
· Guy Nickerson as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Spectrum Productions