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9/25/13 - 5/9/14
previously in development (2014-2015 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/9/14
(from ABC's press release, March 2014) Back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Dr. Tory Hampton (Morena Baccarin) returns to work at Bethesda National Military Medical Center, just outside of Washington D.C. It is a city unto itself whose patients include Washington's elite, military families and critically injured soldiers returning from war, some of whom may stay at Bethesda for a year or more. It is a place where doctors, military heroes themselves, treat our nation's heroes with trailblazing medicine. Recovering from the physical injuries is only part of the healing process; many soldiers need to learn how to live again after the brutality of war, and that's when they turn to Dr. Hampton, an outstanding psychiatrist. As it turns out, like many of her patients, Tory is healing from PTSD herself. Her colleagues include Dr. Hennessy Fiske, an orthopedic surgeon and a genius in prosthetic design; wheelchair bound OB/GYN Leonard Meaney, whose injuries are a source of mystery and keep him from operating; Stacey Weebling, a young surgical resident who is challenged by the pressures of treating the critically injured soldiers; and Anna Stonecifer, an OR nurse, whose secret lover, fellow nurse, Tess Ong, is about to be shipped off to war. And there is Dr. George Morgan, a remarkable surgeon, who served with Tory in Afghanistan. In the fog of war, the two had a brief affair that they are trying to put behind them, but it isn't easy. George wants to rekindle things with Tory, and for now, has been ignoring the increasing advances of Stacey who has fallen hard for him. Tory is trying to settle back into family life with her young daughter Jo who she adores, and her husband Clay, who is being patient with the distance between them. This dedicated team of doctors and nurses care for the wounded warriors and their families like Marlon Pruitt, a double amputee, who will struggle both with his life changing injuries and his fragile marriage to Sienna, the woman he met and married a month before shipping off; Victor Tibor, whose PTSD won't let him sleep; and Darla Olney, a war widow and soon to be a mom. Bethesda National Military Medical Center is a place of hope where heroes take care of heroes and the passion for healing is as intense as the friendships and affairs that are ignited inside its walls - in this drama from Chris Keyser (Party of Five). Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Last Resort) is directing with Mandeville Films (The Fighter, The Proposal, Detroit 187) and Scripted World (Hostages, Betrayal) attached to produce.
· Abbie Cobb as Sienna Jones
· Courtney B. Vance as Hennessy Fiske
· Don Hany as George Mann
· Eloise Mumford as Stacey Weebling
· Greg Grunberg as Leonard Mooney
· Hampton Fluker as Marlon Jones
· Justina Machado as Anna Stonecifer
· Morena Baccarin as Tory Sterling
· Steve Kazee as Clay Sterling
· Chris Keyser as CRTR/EP
· David Hoberman as EP
· Laurie Zaks as EP
· Martin Campbell as DIR (Pilot)
· Steven Baigelman as EP
· Todd Lieberman as EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Mandeville Films