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date (day) time network episode title
11/16/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#708) Hip, Nip Hooray
11/9/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#707) Tummy Tucks, Fat Freezing and Cysts, Oh My!
11/2/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#706) Third Breasts the Charm
10/26/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#705) A Model Patient
10/19/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#704) Summer Body
10/12/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#703) The Lift That Keeps on Giving
10/5/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#702) Facing Your Fears
9/28/20 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#701) Snip-a-dee-doo-dah
11/3/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#608) Buttocks Are a Girl's Best Friend
10/27/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#607) Blonde's Eye View
10/20/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#606) Trans-Parent
10/13/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#605) Behind the Mask
10/6/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#602) Mother Truckers (R)
9/29/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#604) Lovely Lady Bumps
9/22/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#603) Dancing With the Scars
9/15/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#602) Mother Truckers
9/8/08 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#601) Slice of Life
11/5/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#515) Body Meets Soul
10/29/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#514) Reflections of the Way Life Used To Be
10/22/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#513) The Gilded Ages
10/15/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#512) Forces of Second Nature
10/8/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#511) Freedom Riders
10/1/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#510) Eye on the Prize
9/24/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#509) Rebuilt to Perform
9/17/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#508) Regeneration Gap
9/10/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#507) Reinvention
9/3/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#506) Hello Mother, Hello Father
8/27/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#505) Pits Stops On the Road to Perfection
8/20/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#504) Sexual Healing
8/13/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#503) Hollywood Mending
8/6/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#502) The Family Ties That Bind
7/30/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#501) The Implanted
1/1/07 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#413) New Beginnings, New Horizons, Rejections and Erections
12/18/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#412) Father Knows Breast
12/11/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#411) Sex and the City of Angels
12/4/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#410) Shaping Up and Shipping Out
11/27/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#409) Three Surgeries and a Funeral
11/20/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#408) Flat and Flatter
11/13/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#407) Breasts, Thighs and a Side of Wise
11/6/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#406) An Officer and a Gentle Woman
10/30/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#405) Always Be Repaired, Eh?
10/23/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#404) Snip/Snuck
10/16/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#403) Girls Just Want to Get Done
10/9/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#402) Strip the Light Fandango
10/2/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#401) Thanks for the Mammaries
3/6/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#313) New Beginnings and New Horizons
2/27/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#312) Tattoos and Twins
2/20/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#311) Action!
2/13/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#310) Singers, Surfers, Soul Mates and Sadness
2/6/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#309) Minor Alterations, Major Changes
1/30/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#308) From the Halls of Beverly Hills to the Shores of Mexico...
1/23/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#307) Model Madness
1/9/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#306) Labor of Love
1/2/06 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#305) If It Ain't Fixed, Don't Break It
12/19/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#304) Buying the Fountain of Youth
12/12/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#303) Boobs, Dogs and Snakes: Man's Best Friends
12/5/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#302) Baby Talk and Tummy Tucks
11/28/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#301) Busy as a Li
6/4/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#213) New Beginnings and New Horizons
5/28/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#212) It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got That Bling
5/21/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#211) Big Changes
5/14/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#210) Young Frankensteins
5/7/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#209) It's a Business
4/30/05 (Sa.)10:00 PME!(#208) Board-Certified Drastic Surgeons
4/11/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#207) Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number
4/4/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#206) Only the Lonely
3/28/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#205) Psychiatrists with Knives
3/21/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#204) Mothers and Daughters
3/14/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#203) Reconstruction
3/7/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#202) Risk
2/28/05 (Mo.)10:00 PME!(#201) New Beginnings

DR. 90210 (E)
7/11/04 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
7 (8 episodes)
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completed airing its seventh season on 11/16/20; has yet to be renewed for an eighth season
(from E!'s press release, June 2020) Plastic surgery has long been a male dominated field, with only 15 percent of surgeons being female, but in Beverly Hills there is a new squad of women redefining age-old beauty standards. Dr. Cat Begovic, Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Michelle Lee and Dr. Suzanne Quardt are some of the top female surgeons in the country and are breaking down barriers in the world's most famous zip code. From excess skin removal, third breast extraction, and a double mastectomy, to facial cysts and post childbirth vaginal rejuvenations these four doctors use their remarkable insight, skill, and bedside manner to guide patients from consultations to surgery and recovery, proving a woman's touch can go beyond skin deep.
· Ben Megargel as EP
· Lori Gordon as EP
· Mark Herwick as EP
· Tara Long as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Entertainment One