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date (day) time network episode title
7/23/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-111) The Couch is Lava
7/16/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-110) Say I do Love a Watch Party
7/16/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-110) Episode 10
7/9/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-109) Star Spangled Couches
7/9/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-109) Episode 9
7/4/20 (Sa.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-108) Father's Day Watch Party (R)
7/2/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-104) The One Where Celebrities Watch Friends (R)
7/2/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-108) Episode 8 (R)
6/25/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-108) Father's Day Watch Party
6/25/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-108) Episode 8
6/18/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-107) It's a Party with the Fab Five
6/18/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-107) Episode 7
6/11/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-106) The Jersey-Shore Shank Redemption
6/11/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-106) Episode 6
6/7/20 (Su.)7:00 PMFOX(CWP-105) Episode 5 (R)
6/4/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-105) Lindsay Lohan Joins the Party
6/4/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-105) Episode 5
5/31/20 (Su.)7:00 PMFOX(CWP-104) Episode 4 (R)
5/28/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-104) The One Where Celebrities Watch Friends
5/28/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-104) Episode 4
5/21/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-103) The Deadliest Couch
5/21/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-103) Episode 3
5/16/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMFOX(CWP-102) Episode 2 (R)
5/14/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-102) Nobody Puts Celebrity in the Corner
5/14/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-102) Episode 2
5/7/20 (Th.)8:00 PMFOX(CWP-101) The Celebrity Watch Party Has Begun

5/7/20 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
1 (11 episodes)
completed airing its first season on 7/23/20; has yet to be renewed for a second season
(from FOX's press release, April 2020) On the all-new unscripted series CELEBRITY WATCH PARTY, premiering Thursday, May 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, viewers go into the homes of celebrities and their families, as they watch and react to the week's most interesting television shows. In the premiere episode, viewers will step into the homes of celebrities, including Rob Lowe, Meghan Trainor, Joe Buck, Raven-Symoné, Master P and Romeo, JoJo Siwa, Steve Wozniak, Curtis Stone, and Robert and Kym Herjavec. Additional talent participating in the series to be announced. The hour-long reality series from Studio Lambert, offers fans a peek into the home lives of their favorite celebrities, as they film themselves reacting, along with their families, to the most hilarious and exciting shows and talked-about news events on television each week. It's an insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critique of America's most popular and topical TV shows and news stories.
· Becca Walker as EP
· Jack Burgess as EP
· Mike Cotton as EP
· Stephen Lambert as EP
· Tania Alexander as EP
· Tim Harcourt as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Studio Lambert