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date (day) time network episode title
2/15/21 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XDKrei-oke Night; The Mascot Upshot
2/8/21 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XDA Fresh Sparkles; Noodle Burger Ploy
2/1/21 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V508) The MiSFIT / Return To Sycorax
11/9/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V507) The New Nega-Globby / De-Based
11/2/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V506) Big Hero Battle / Go Go the Woweroo
10/26/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V505) Cobra and Mongoose / Better Off Fred
10/12/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V504) A Friendly Face / Big Chibi 6
10/5/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V503) Trading Chips / Mini Noodle Burger Max
9/28/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V502) Mayor for a Day / The Dog Craze of Summer
9/21/20 (Mo.)7:30 PMDISNEY XD(#V501) The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium
2/8/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V411-60) Legacies - Parts I & II
2/1/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V410) Fear Not
1/25/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V409) Major Blast
1/18/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V408) Fred the Fugitive
1/11/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V407) Portal Enemy
1/4/20 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V406) Hiro The Villain
12/7/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY XD(#V405) The Present
9/11/19 (We.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V404) Hardlight
9/10/19 (Tu.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V403) The Globby Within
9/9/19 (Mo.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V402) El Fuego
9/6/19 (Fr.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V401) Mini-Maximum Trouble
9/5/19 (Th.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V313) City of Monsters - Part II
9/4/19 (We.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V312) City of Monsters - Part I
9/3/19 (Tu.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V311) Write Turn Here
5/17/19 (Fr.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V310) Lie Detector
5/16/19 (Th.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V309) Supersonic Sue
5/15/19 (We.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V308) Something Fluffy
5/14/19 (Tu.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V307) Muira-Horror!
5/13/19 (Mo.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V306) The Fate of the Roommates
5/10/19 (Fr.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V305) Nega-Globby
5/9/19 (Th.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V304) Something's Fishy
5/8/19 (We.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V303) Prey Date
5/7/19 (Tu.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V302) Seventh Wheel
5/6/19 (Mo.)3:30 PMDISNEY(#V301) Internabout
10/13/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V211-90) Countdown to Catastrophe, Parts 1-3
10/6/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V210) Obake Yashiki
9/29/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V209) The Bot Fighter
9/22/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V208) Steamer's Revenge
9/15/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V207) Big Problem
9/8/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMDISNEY(#V206) Big Hero 7
8/25/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V205) Mini-Max
8/18/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V204) Fan Friction
8/11/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V203) Rivalry Weak
8/4/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V202) Kentucky Kaiju
7/28/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V201) Small Hiro One
7/21/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V111) Killer App
7/14/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V110) Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle
7/7/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V109) The Impatient Patient
6/30/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V108) Aunt Cass Goes Out
6/23/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V107) Failure Mode
6/16/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V106) Muirahara Woods
6/10/18 (Su.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V105) Food Fight
6/10/18 (Su.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V104) Fred's Bro-Tillion
6/9/18 (Sa.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V103) Big Roommates 2
6/9/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V102) Issue 188
11/20/17 (Mo.)8:00 PMDISNEY XD(#104/105) Baymax Returns Part I & II

11/20/17 - 2/15/21
canceled/ended (2020-2021 season)
completed airing its current season
3 (60 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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confirmed as canceled on 1/28/21
(from Disney XD's press release, August 2020) Season three of the Emmy Award-nominated "Big Hero 6 The Series" will debut MONDAY, SEPT. 21 (7:30 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney XD and DisneyNOW. Each episode of the new season will feature two 11-minute stories and follow the Big Hero 6 team as they face off against Noodle Burger Boy and his team of evil mascot robots in order to protect San Fransokyo. Season three guest voices include K-pop stars Nichkhun Horvejkul ("2PM") as twins Kei and Aki, one-half of boy band 4 2 Sing, and Jae Park ("DAY6") as twins Taka and Yuka, the other half of boy band 4 2 Sing; Kirby Howell-Baptiste ("Killing Eve") as Cobra, a charming and crafty villain; and Nichole Bloom ("Superstore") as Olivia, a passionate comic book fan. Based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Academy Award(R)-winning feature film, "Big Hero 6 The Series" continues the adventures and friendship of 14-year-old tech genius Hiro, his compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax and their friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred as they form the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6 and embark on high-tech adventures protecting their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. In his normal day-to-day life, Hiro faces daunting academic challenges and social trials as the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.
· Alan Tudyk as Alistair Krei
· Brooks Wheelan as Fred
· David Shaughnessy as Heathcliff
· Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon
· Jamie Chung as Go Go
· Khary Payton as Wasabi
· Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass
· Ryan Potter as Hiro
· Scott Adsit as Baymax
· Stan Lee as Fred's Dad
· Bob Schooley as CRTR/EP
· Mark McCorkle as CRTR/EP
· Nick Filippi as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Disney Television Animation