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date (day) time network episode title
10/22/21 (Fr.)10:00 AMNICK(#111B) Wavey Jones' Locker (R)
10/21/21 (Th.)10:00 AMNICK(#111A) Baby Shark's Haunted Halloween (R)
10/20/21 (We.)12:00 PMNICK(#111) Baby Shark's Haunted Halloween/Wavey Jones' Locker
10/8/21 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#112) Daddyshack/Rocky-Bye
9/10/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#110) Shadowland/Medieval Tides
9/3/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#108) Baby Mayor/Sink or Swim
8/11/21 (We.)8:30 AMNICK(#109) Captain Kelp/Teensy the Tardigrade (R)
8/6/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#109A) Captain Kelp
7/30/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#109B) Teensy the Tardigrade
7/23/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#108B) Sink or Swim
7/16/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#107) The Show Must Flow On/Detective Baby Shark
7/9/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#108A) Baby Mayor
7/2/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#106B) Shark-Off
6/25/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#106A) When You Wish Upon a Fish
6/18/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#105) Legendary Loot/Yup Day
6/11/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#S109) Baby Shark's Big Show Shorts : Hide and Hunt
6/4/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#S110) Baby Shark's Big Show Shorts : Luck of the Claw
5/28/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#S108) Baby Shark's Big Show Shorts : Mommy Works From Home
5/21/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#107) Chore Song
5/14/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#106) Goldie's Lock
5/7/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#999) Baby Shark's Big Show: Get Your Game On
4/30/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#104) Super-Shark/William vs. Wild (R)
4/23/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#998) Live From the Shark House
4/16/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#104B) William vs. Wild
4/9/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#104A) Super-Shark
4/6/21 (Tu.)11:00 AMNICK(#103B) Slobber Slug (R)
4/2/21 (Fr.)12:45 PMNICK(#102A) Fish Friends Forever
4/2/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#103A) Baby Tooth (R)
3/26/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#103) Baby Tooth/Slobber Slug
2/26/21 (Fr.)12:54 PMNICK(#S105) Baby Shark Shorts - Knock it Off
2/26/21 (Fr.)12:48 PMNICK(#S104) Baby Shark Shorts - No Time for Time Out
2/26/21 (Fr.)12:42 PMNICK(#S103) Baby Shark Shorts - Operation Cool Quest
2/26/21 (Fr.)12:36 PMNICK(#S102) Baby Shark Shorts - The Bunny Slug
2/26/21 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#S101) Baby Shark Shorts - Crumb of a Clue
12/11/20 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#101) All I Want For Fishmas

12/11/20 - ???
currently airing (fall 2021)
fridays from 12:30 PM-1:00 PM EST
1 (26 episodes)
Season 2 (26 half-hour episodes) ordered on 7/20/21
(from Nickelodeon's press release, July 2021) Nickelodeon's fin-credible world of Baby Shark is getting bigger with the development of a brand-new original animated movie and season two pickup of its TV series--further expanding one of the most popular properties in the world. The as-yet-untitled movie will be co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and SmartStudy, the global entertainment company behind the beloved children's brand Pinkfong. The news of the movie comes as Nick orders a second season of its hit animated preschool series based on the global hit Pinkfong Baby Shark, Baby Shark's Big Show!, which was just nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Casting for a Daytime Animated Program" and currently ranks as the number-two show with Kids 2-5 for 2Q21 across all TV, only behind PAW Patrol. Said Ramsey Naito, President, Nickelodeon Animation: "Baby Shark is an example of how we've been successful in bringing beloved properties that kids love from other platforms to Nickelodeon and opening up a whole new world of adventures. As home to the biggest franchises kids love, we're continuing to grow their footprint by introducing brand-new characters and storylines, and creating original content in every format for fans everywhere." Season two of Baby Shark's Big Show! (26 half-hour episodes) will be packed to the gills with off-the-hook adventures and catchy songs as Baby Shark and William dive deeper into the diverse underwater world of Carnivore Cove with their friends and family. They'll explore jaw-dropping new locations while making fresh friends and big waves, all in the sharky spirit of fin-clusivity. New episodes of Baby Shark's Big Show! will air regularly throughout the summer on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Internationally, Baby Shark's Big Show! will continue airing across Nickelodeon branded channels and platforms through the remainder of the year.
· Debra Wilson as Grandma
· Eric Edelstein as Daddy
· Kimiko Glenn as Baby
· Luke Youngblood as William
· Natasha Rothwell as Mommy
· Patrick Warburton as Grandpa
· Gary "Doodles" DiRaffaele as EP
· Tommy Sica as EP
· Whitney Ralls as CO-EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Nickelodeon Animation Studios
· Pinkfong