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date (day) time network episode title
6/27/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1610) Deadly Delivery
6/20/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1609) Seconds from Touchdown
6/13/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1608) Caught in a Jam
6/6/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1607) Mission Disaster
5/30/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1606) Meltdown Over Kathmandu
5/23/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1605) Cabin Catastrophe
5/16/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1604) Grounded: Boeing Max 8
5/9/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1603) Tragic Takeoff
5/2/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1602) Playing Catch Up
4/25/21 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1601) North Sea Nightmare
11/8/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1510) Stormy Cockpit
11/1/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1509) Cockpit Killer
10/25/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1508) No Warning
10/18/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1507) Atlantic Ditching
10/11/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1506) Icy Descent
10/4/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1505) Runway Breakup
9/27/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1504) Taxiway Turmoil
9/20/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1503) Explosive Touchdown
9/13/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1502) Impossible Pitch
9/6/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1501) Kathmandu Descent
3/15/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1410) FIRE ON BOARD
3/8/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1409) DEADLY DISTURBANCE
2/23/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1407) MISSING PIECES
2/16/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1406) KILLER IN THE COCKPIT
2/9/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1405) EXPLOSIVE CLUES
1/26/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1404) NO CONTROL
1/19/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1403) HERO PILOTS
1/12/20 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1402) FATAL FRICTION
11/10/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1310) SLAM DUNK
11/3/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1309) SOCCER TRAGEDY
10/27/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1308) LETHAL LIMITS
10/20/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1307) RUNWAY RUNOFF
10/13/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1306) FATAL CLIMB
10/6/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1305) DEADLY PITCH
9/29/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1304) BORDERLINE TACTICS
9/22/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1303) FATAL APPROACH
9/15/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1302) DEATH RACE
9/8/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1301) DEADLY DESCENT
9/1/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1206) DEADLY SPACE (R)
4/7/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1210) DEAD OF WINTER
3/31/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1209) DEADLY GO ROUND
3/24/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1208) DEADLY INCLINATION
3/17/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1207) FREE FALL
3/10/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1206) DEADLY SPACE
3/3/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1205) DEADLY DISPLAY
2/24/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1204) DEADLY AIRSPACE
2/17/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1203) DEADLY DISTRACTION
2/10/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1202) BLOWN AWAY
1/27/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1201) Nuts and Bolts
1/20/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1110) The Lost Plane
1/13/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1109) Deadly Discussions
1/6/19 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1108) Terror Over Egypt
11/11/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1107) CAUGHT ON TAPE
11/4/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1106) STORMING OUT
10/28/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1105) LETHAL TURN
10/21/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1104) TURNING POINT
10/14/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1103) DEADLY MYTH
10/7/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1102) KILLER ATTITUDE
9/30/18 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#1101) EXPLOSIVE PROOF
12/3/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#908) DEADLY MISSION
11/26/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#907) EDGE OF DISASTER
11/19/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#906) STEEP IMPACT
11/12/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#905) DEADLY DELAY
11/5/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#904) CARNAGE IN SAO PAOLO
10/29/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#903) FATAL DELIVERY
10/22/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#902) FATAL FOCUS
10/15/17 (Su.)8:00 PMSMITH(#901) HIGH RISE CATASTROPHE

5/15/11 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
16 (10 episodes)
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completed airing its 16th season on 6/27/21; has yet to be renewed for a 17th season
(from Smithsonian Channel's press release, December 2019) From a routine New York ferry trip that turned deadly to the mysterious loss of a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea, the question still remains - how and why do these maritime catastrophes happen? Smithsonian Channel will transport viewers to the scene of the accident in the second season of DISASTERS AT SEA, revealing what went wrong on these fatal voyages. Using eyewitness accounts, archival footage and dramatic reenactments, experts search for answers and provide invaluable knowledge on how to prevent future fatal accidents. The new season of DISASTERS AT SEA premieres Sunday, January 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel. Season two of DISASTERS AT SEA continues to follow investigators as they uncover shocking revelations behind maritime disasters, and send Remotely Operated Vehicles equipped with cameras to the bottom of the sea floor to recover a ship's black box - the Voyage Data Recorder - in order to piece together what happened. Leading up to DISASTERS AT SEA, long-running hit series AIR DISASTERS returns with another season of the most infamous aviation disasters. In this season, each episode examines multiple cases under a central theme - revisiting the toughest cases, from maintenance issues to dangerous cargo and extreme weather to find the exact cause of every accident. Season 14 of AIR DISASTERS premieres Sunday, January 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.
· Alex Bystram as EP
· David Royle as EP (Smithsonian)
· Joy Galane as EP (Smithsonian)
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Cineflix Productions