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date (day) time network episode title
12/10/20 (Th.)12:00 AMSUNDANCE(#306) Episode 6
12/3/20 (Th.)12:00 AMSUNDANCE(#305) Episode 5
11/26/20 (Th.)12:00 AMSUNDANCE(#304) Episode 4
11/19/20 (Th.)12:00 AMSUNDANCE(#303) Episode 3
11/12/20 (Th.)12:00 AMSUNDANCE(#302) Episode 2
11/4/20 (We.)11:00 PMSUNDANCE(#301) Episode 1
12/13/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#206) Same Deep Water
12/6/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#205) Family Album
11/29/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#204) Falling
11/22/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#203) Are We Still Here?
11/15/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#202) Get Away
11/8/17 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#201) Naming Day
8/17/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#106) Lost
8/10/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#105) Goodbye
8/3/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#104) Sleepover
7/27/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#103) Therapy
7/20/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#102) Home School
7/13/16 (We.)10:00 PMSUNDANCE(#101) Diagnosis

7/13/16 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
3 (6 episodes)
completed airing its third season on 12/10/20; has yet to be renewed for a fourth season
(from AMC Networks' press release, August 2020) The A Word returns to the idyllic landscape of the Lake District and to the city of Manchester. In the two years since we left our family, everything has changed once more. Joe is ten, and living in two places at once, processing the seismic change in his life through the filter of his autism. His parents, Alison and Paul, are divorced and living 100 miles apart. His sister Rebecca has returned home from University with a secret that will change everything further. Only Joe's granddad Maurice is holding it together, and if Maurice is the one holding it together you know you are in trouble. Peter Bowker's 6-part drama revisits the funny, messy, mixed-up lives of the extended Hughes and Scott family as they struggle to meet the challenges of parenthood, disability and separation and to hold the family together around the child who needs them all.
· Aaron Pierre as James Thorne
· Abby Ford as Sally
· Adam Wittek as David Nowak
· Christopher Eccleston as Maurice Scott
· Clare Holman as Grace Daniels
· Daniel Cerqueira as Dr Graves
· George Bukhari as Terry Norris
· Greg McHugh as Eddie Scott
· Jude Akuwudike as Vincent Daniels
· Julia Krynke as Maya Petrenko
· Julie Hesmondhalgh as Heather
· Lee Ingleby as Paul Hughes
· Leon Harrop as Ralph Wilson
· Lisa Millett as Maggie White
· Lucy Gaskell as Sophie Berwick
· Matt Greenwood as Tom Clarke
· Max Vento as Joe Hughes
· Molly Wright as Rebecca Hughes
· Morven Christie as Alison Hughes
· Pooky Quesnel as Louise Wilson
· Ralf Little as Stuart
· Sarah Gordy as Katie Thorne
· Thomas Gregory as Luke Taylor
· Tommie Grabiec as Pavel Kaminski
· Travis Smith as Mark Berwick
· Vinette Robinson as Nicola Daniels
· Avi Nir as EP
· Howard Burch as EP
· Keren Margalit as EP
· Lucy Ritcher as EP
· Marcus Wilson as EP
· Patrick Spence as EP
· Peter Bowker as CRTR/EP
· Peter Cattaneo as DIR (Pilot)
· Sara Johnson as EP
· based on a tv series
· drama
· Fifty Fathoms Productions
· Keshet International