[03/08/12 - 11:28 PM]
Live at the Paley Festival: FOX's "Bones"
By Jim Halterman (TFC)

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6:57 PM - Night seven of the 29th Annual PaleyFest kicks off with a classic clip from "Angel," David Boreanaz's series prior to "Bones." In the clip, his character, the vampire Angel, sings karaoke in a bar. Hilarious!

7:01 PM - The Paley Center's Betsy Scolnick introduces the evening to an incredibly vibrant and enthusiastic "Bones" crowd. She also reminds the crowd that you can watch the Livestream coverage of the PaleyFest events in case you can't make it to the Saban Theater in Los Angeles for the rest of the festival.

7:03 PM - Betsy introduces TV Line's Mike Ausiello, who is moderating tonight's panel. Mike hints at the "Moonlighting" curse but that "Bones" isn't going to do anything but thrive with all the big changes - like the soon-to-be-born baby. Mike intros Executive Producer Stephen Nathan.

7:05 PM - "You are the reason that we're here," says Stephen to the "Bones"-happy crowd. As a special treat, they're going to screen the return episode that won't air until April 2, "Prisoner In The Pipes."

7:49 PM - Episode over and without spoiling some of the big things that happen, it's a gem of an episode. Mike introduces the panel to big applause. John Francis Daley (Sweets)! TJ Thyne (Hodgins)! Michaela Conlin (Angela)! David Boreanaz (Booth)! Emily Deschanel (Brennan)! Creator Hart Hanson! Executive Producer Stephen Nathan!

7:53 PM - "I love it," says Emily of being a new Mom. "I don't get a lot of sleep but I love it." Did her real-life delivery inform the on-screen delivery that we'll see with her character? The answer is no. Emily laughs and says that Brennan makes a lot of noise during her baby's delivery but that she was very quiet during hers.

7:55 PM - "We knew [Brennan] was going to have a baby as soon as Emily whispered it in my ear," says Hart before adding, "We always knew Booth would delivery it." Emily also reveals that the actor baby peed on her during the delivery scene, which she said was odd because he real life son (Henry) had also peed on her earlier that same day.

8:00 PM - What's coming up in the next seven episodes? "It's still 'Bones,'" says Stephen. "This baby informs their lives in a completely different way and they have to deal with having the baby while solving the murder so the show takes a different turn from a character's point of view." Hart adds, "Somehow David and Emily have gone from requited but unrealized love to this... there's now [this] bond between them... [they] are no longer separable and somehow the chemistry has changed in a really interesting way."

8:02 PM - Are Brennan and Angela bonding over babies? "You see us discussing parenthood," says Emily and Michaela laughs and says it's going to be less talk about sex.

8:03 PM - What is Angela's real name? Mike wants to know, trying to get Hart to tell us. Ever the protector of secrets, Hart will only say, "That would be such a great visit from Billy Gibbons [the ZZ Top musician who plays Angela's Dad]. We make a story out of those things!" As he reminds us, Angela made up her name because the real name is so awful. "We'll make a story out of it," promises Hart. "Billy will probably tell Hodgins." TJ groans, "Oh, No!"

8:07 PM - Is Sweets still going to be seen going out in the field? "That's one of the things that works," says Hart. We'll definitely see more of that and more of Sweets in the interrogation rooms, too.

8:10 PM - Hart is confident that we'll see a season eight of "Bones" and also says that maybe we'll see a season nine, too. Stephen's eyes widen when he hears talk of a season nine and exclaims, "I'm going to sleep!" Of the extra four episodes that are coming later this season, the guys explain that they don't know where they will be placed in the schedule and they'll be stand-alone episodes. The season finale is also going to change things in a big way, Stephen teases.

8:12 PM - The cast agrees that they would all like to see where Hodgins lives since he's super rich. Stephen urges the crowd to write FOX to get them to cough up the money for that... maybe even the Paris house that Hodgins owns.

8:13 PM - Are we going to lose anyone this season? Hart keeps mum but David says to keep an eye on his Twitter account. (He likes to give big teases such as tweeting photos of where Brennan gives birth to her baby. If you don't follow him on Twitter, he's @DavidBoreanaz.)

8:15 PM - Will we see a Booth/Brennan wedding before the series ends? "If they ever get married, we'll see a wedding," says Hart, knowing how to give an answer that essentially tells you nothing. What does Emily think of Brennan warming to the idea of marriage? "I think, yes, there's a little bit of change in there," she says. (FYI, in between answers, David and Emily banter much in the same way Booth and Brennan do.) David adds that he thinks Sweets should marry them and the crowd really likes that idea!

8:18 PM - Will the meaning behind the mysterious numbers "447" be revealed soon? Hart can only promise it will be revealed at the last episode of "Bones." He says the cast does not know what it means and a perplexed John Francis says he didn't even know that those numbers had significance.

8:22 PM - Emily helps David with his mic and John Francis says, "How adorkable is that?" David replies, "Adorkable? What does that mean?" Hart says, "Do you have a television?" (In case you didn't know, it's in reference to Emily's sister Zooey, who is advertised as "adorkable" in her "New Girl" sitcom.)

8:23 PM - The Hollywood episode is "ridiculous." One of Brennan's books is being made into a movie and a camera crew with actors takes over the lab. Of course, there's a murder on the set. In the film within the show, there is a Hodgins and there is a Cam (referring to Tamara Taylor's character) but a Cam like you've never seen her before. They also shot on the actual FOX lot so viewers will be able to see the lot where "Bones" has been shot all these years.

8:27 PM - David says he doesn't always get to work too much on the lab since he's out in the field more. "I don't get a chance to do scenes with the other lab people," he says. "The great thing about the show for seven seasons is just the connections that you have, the friendships that you've made."

8:30 PM - A reader question is whether we'll see more about Sweets's dark childhood and David begins to joke about it until John Francis says that Booth knows that Sweets was abused as a child, a fact that David has forgotten. "All our characters have difficult childhoods," says Hart. (We will revisit Sweets' childhood next season, Hart and Stephen promise.)

8:32 PM - There are so many things the writers want to do before the show ends. David keeps saying, "Old man episode! I'm an old man!" Hart says they want to meet Hodgins's brother, Angela's mother and Booth's mother... these are all places we need to go. "And there's my colonoscopy," jokes Stephen.

8:33 PM - Audience question time! What is going on with Zack, the character played by Eric Millegan who has not been seen on the show since season five. Hart says, "We have a pickle with Zack. There are a group of people who want to see him again and then a larger group that doesn't remember him... we have to juggle whether to pick that scab or not."

8:36 PM - How do the stories get broken in the writers' room? Hart says they always start with what personal story they want to tell first. They don't think about the murder or case of the week first; it's always the personal stories.

8:38 PM - A fan asks how Parker (Booth's son) will react to his the Booth-Brennan baby. "You'll see," teases Hart to which Stephen adds, "It's not what you'd expect."

8:40 PM - Another fan asks if we'll see Emily's sister Zooey appear again. "She has a day job," says Hart. Emily says she doesn't see that happening right away. "We're just trying to find someone who knows her," jokes Stephen on getting the star of "New Girl." Emily also reveals that Zooey has talked to Emily about being on her show but she doesn't know when that would happen.

8:42 PM - What would be a classic TV show that the actors would've liked to have appeared on? David says "Cheers." Michaela says "Absolutely Fabulous." TJ said he got to do his when he guested on the "Bones" spin-off, "The Finder."

8:43 PM - Speaking of "The Finder," Hart explains that John and TJ have both appeared on the show and David directs the episode that will be the first in what he calls "the Friday night death slot." He also adds that "Finder" star Geoff Stults is "kinda stalking" Michaela.

8:44 PM - On the recent announcement that "Bones" is moving to Mondays. Hart says he thinks "Bones" will do well on Monday night and he understands why the network is doing it. "We're up for it. I think it's fine for us."

8:45 PM - A fan says it's her sister's birthday and would love a hug and Emily happily obliges!

8:47 PM - Asked how she thinks Brennan is different between the Kathy Reichs book and the series. Emily says, "I have read some of Kathy's books [and] I think of them as Brennan in a few years," she says. "It's very different from the character on the show."

8:51 PM - Asked who is the best and reciting the complicated medical vernacular and everyone immediately says it's TJ. TJ shows off by reciting something long and medical sounding that I will not attempt to spell here. (Nice work, TJ!)

8:54 PM - More hugs from Emily to audience members. She does it happily.

8:55 PM - The producers vow that we will we see Max (Brennan's father, played by Ryan O'Neal) again. As for her brother, Russ (Loren Dean)? Not this season, says Hart.

8:56 PM - The actors influence on their characters is 100%. Stephen gives props to the wonderful actors on the show. "Anything we do is a million times better when they get a hold of it," says Stephen.

8:58 PM - That's a wrap! I'll be back at PaleyFest tomorrow night for a night with ABC's hit series "Castle."

And for more PaleyFest coverage - past and present - visit our Paley Center topic page.

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