[09/20/17 - 11:19 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, September 20
Updates include: The CW eyes "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" from "Riverdale" team; Sam Waterston to drop by "Law & Order: SVU"; and Damon Lindelof's "Watchmen" gets pilot order at HBO.

[04/05/17 - 10:13 AM]
2017 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 12 comedy projects under consideration for next season.

[03/06/17 - 11:33 PM]
Development Update: Monday, March 6
Updates include: Noah Wyle is a "Perfect Citizen" for CBS; Jon Cryer is "Losing It" for ABC; and Netflix eyes follow up to "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

[02/21/17 - 11:45 PM]
Development Update: February 20-21
Updates include: Jason Ritter to star in ABC's "The Gospel of Kevin"; Tim Robbins to lead HBO's Alan Ball drama; and Georgia King is "Raised by Wolves" for ABC.

[01/20/17 - 11:46 PM]
Development Update: Friday, January 20
Updates include: Kourtney Kang, Dan Kopelman land pilot orders; Lili Mirojnick to co-star in Syfy's "Happy!"; and NBC eyes "Witchblade" reboot.

[08/25/16 - 11:18 PM]
Development Update: Thursday, August 25
Updates include: Monica Barbaro joins the cast of "Chicago Justice" at NBC; Toni Collette to lead "Unit Zero" for ABC; and Zack Pearlman, Julian Sergi to star in Comedy Central project.

8/25/16 - 9/20/17
previously in development (2017-2018 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, April 2017) Sheila Gable is a tough Midwestern mom who doesn't sugarcoat anything - well, except her famous "Dr. Pepper Ham." Recently laid off after a factory closure, Sheila's been applying for entry-level jobs with no luck. She has five kids to support and the family's budget has dwindled from "small" to "pathetic." Luckily, the Gables have their trademark gallows humor - and shared love of pop culture - to carry them through these lean times. Sheila's 14 year-old daughter, Dusty is a legend in her own mind - an outgoing, boy-crazy diva who makes onlookers cringe. 13 year-old Dolly is the sardonic, bookish foil to her older sister. Next, we have sweet, dreamy 10 year-old Yoko who just wants to save the world's bees, 7 year-old Banksy, who wishes he wasn't the only boy in the house, and 5 year-old Beebee, the cheerful mascot of the family. Sheila's father, Paul "Grampy" Kosinski is a pathological narcissist who always seems to need something from his daughter. Right now, he needs a roof over his head. The timing couldn't be crappier, but he vows to pitch in and help Sheila as much as he can. Can Grampy redeem himself after decades of jackassery? (Probably not.) Join the "Able Gables" in their offbeat world of TV, tequila and junk food in this comedy from Berlanti TV, based on the UK series created by Caitlin and Caroline Moran who executive produce with writer/ executive producer Diablo Cody.
· Cooper J. Friedman as Banksy
· Craig T. Nelson as Grampy
· Georgia King as Sheila
· Izabella Alvarez as Dolly
· Lulu Wilson as Yoko
· Mia & Ella Allan as Beebe
· Talia Jackson as Dusty
· Ben Taylor as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Caitlin Moran as EP/CRTR (U.K. Series)
· Caroline Leddy as EP
· Caroline Moran as EP/CRTR (U.K. Series)
· Diablo Cody as CRTR/EP
· Greg Berlanti as EP
· Kenton Allen as EP
· Matthew Justice as EP
· Sarah Schechter as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· Berlanti Productions
· Big Talk Productions
· Warner Bros. Television